Monday, January 31, 2011

  oil on canvas   14" x 16"
"Its not a matter of painting life. Its giving life to a painting" Richard Diebenkorn

In the book, "Temperaments, Artists Facing Their Work", author Dan Hofstadter has a wonderful interview with Richard Diebenkorn spread out over several visits with the artist. The general tone was of Diebenkorn's hesitation to ever pretend to know where he was going with a painting when he started the painting. He was adamnant about avoiding repetition or formula. Yet his body of work at each stage of his career were obviously related in a series.  I remember a quote by Diebenkorn that "painting is an art form in which one recognizes something one has never seen before."  So the balance is between avoiding repetition and exploring anew similar challenges and ideas. Remain comitted to exploration without pre-conceived ideas and open to discoveries - let the painting tell you what it needs while working in the memory of ideas spawned by the last one. Not a bad way to go.

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